Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sometimes I think that I should give up the blog

Sometimes I think that it would be easier to just be ordinary
to not push myself too hard
it would be nice to be ordinary
to be uncomplicated
to be simple

I would give anything for my world to be simple right now

but its not
its complicated
Its grey
its messy

But then I think that I love it. That it is soothing. That it is cathartic. That it is a living breathing journal of my life and my thoughts.

… and I cannot give up.

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Bonnie Eneroth Whitney said...

Do NOT give up your blog. I love, love, love reading it. You are an amazing woman, and I know this is a huge undertaking, but you are doing it. Little by little, you are doing it. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. (Remember the movie, "What About Bob?")

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