Sunday, April 2, 2017

My Little Rose: 46 Weeks Old

You my darling, beautiful, spunky little girl are a HOT MESS. You are teething like crazy and it is making you just a tiny bit cranky. And you aren’t sleeping. And I am not really a person that does well with interrupted sleep all night long, apparently you aren’t either. So maybe I should correct that to be that we were both a hot mess right now.








Other than those moments when you aren’t, you are generally a super happy baby. Of course you try to eat everything which is a hard stage for both you and me. I am constantly pulling things out of your mouth. I hand you flash cards to look at and for me to talk about when changing your diaper at the changing station in your room. This week you started trying to eat your flash cards. It would be ok if it ended there but we have to be constantly on the lookout because anything that you can either reach and/or fit into your mouth its going in. Paper is a particular favorite.



You are now crab crawling all over the place and you are getting fast. Its so cute to see you waddling around with your butt up in the air. Makes me smile every single time you do it.

One of your teeth finally poked through and I am loving your new snaggle tooth smile. It is adorable and infectious and fills me with 10,000 worlds of joy.






I am loving having a little girl all the pink and the clothes make me happy. Of course we are sharing a wardrobe with ms pool shark, so you already pretty much have a full wardrobe covered. But then I cannot help myself and I get a ‘few’ more things. The adorableness is too much!


You got the last of your birthday presents this week from your Aunt Sweetie. She came over for some baby snuggles and some time with me. Your brother, your constant sidekick helped show you how to take the paper out. And you just copied him beautifully. I love that you two are getting along so well and will grow up together.






You have so much personality, SO MUCH. You are loud, you are happy, you want what you want exactly when you want it. You adore cuddles and your emotions are so FIERCE. I love what a little firecracker you are, you remind me so much of me.





This week you pulled out old man face, something your father adored teaching to your brother, and that he adored apparently teaching you. I was eating breakfast with you one morning, your father had already gone to bed, and you pulled out this face…. Oh daddy is gonna get it when he gets home. Too cute!

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