Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Dr. G Developmental Peditrician Checkup

DECEMBER - I first stepped into Dr. G’s office I was terrified and looking for answers.

JANUARY The second time I came to her office I was told that my son didn’t have autism but that he had issues that needed help. We worked on a plan and then I left with a whirlwind of work to do.

JANUARY - The third time I came. I was tentative. I had listened to so much of the specialists around me. I had digested her plan. And I came to the office to basically get her approval for what I wanted to do. I was testing my wings and I was afraid to do what I thought best. Although she didn’t agree with everything I wanted to do I left feeling more confident in my hope that I was making the best decisions that I could.

JUNE – The fourth visit I felt comfortable and relatively confident about our path and the progress my Little Cricket was making. We spoke at length about his progress, about the various tests he has been given recently, about his genetic diagnosis, about how much better he is doing. She ran some additional tests with him and concluded that he as doing fantastic. One thing that she has been pushing from the very beginning is to get my Little Cricket in preschool everyday with a shadow. So she was over the moon that I had finally found a preschool that I liked and that I had my Little Cricket enrolled to start this fall. I am still worried about him going to school but I love the school we found, I love and trust the therapist he is going to school with AND I now feel like he has gained enough language and skills to not be COMPLETELY out of his element. I am glad I waited. It’s the hardest thing, to go with your gut when specialists are telling you to do something.

I left comfortable with where we are, and I don’t think we will need to see this doctor that often anymore. Just for yearly checkups. And that makes me happy. I got this.





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