Friday, June 3, 2016

Nerdy Birdy – Not Every Owling Adventure is Adventurous

Owling can be super fun, it takes hours to drive up the mountain, hours of standing in silence listening, calling in the owls, standing some more, and then driving to a new location. Often we find the owls, or I should say Mrs. Owlbait finds the owls. Today I was hoping, as I have been hoping every time we go owl, to finally get my photo of a saw-whet. Its really the only owl in these mountains that I don’t have an amazing photo of yet. Sadly the saw-whet didn’t cooperate, and even sadder none of the owls cooperated. We heard several but nothing came in close enough for us to find or photograph. A night spent in the cold dark hoping was gone. Ahhh well.





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