Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Little Cricket 3 Year Pediatrician Appointment

I took my Little Cricket for his 3 year checkup. It was so SO SO lovely to be at a doctor’s office for a typical, routine, normal appointment. First they check the weight and the height. I knew his height would be good, after all he has shot up like a weed, and of course it would be right.

38 inches – 75th percentile for height





I held my breath waiting to hear his weight; my Little Cricket has been steadily looking like he has been putting on more weight. Typically my Little Cricket measures long and skinny. I knew that pattern wasn’t going to drastically change but I was hoping that all my hard work on visiting the nutritionist, getting more various high calories added in your diet, and feeding him more variety often had resulted in some change for the positive in his weight percentiles.

In the past his weight was:
2 year – 23 pounds 10th percentile for weight
2 year 3 months - 25 pounds 15th percentile for weight


29 pounds 5 ounces – 30th percentile for weight
Oh YAY baby. 30th percentile. The doctor and I actually did a high five. And then she proceeded to congratulate me on all my hard work. It feels so good to know that although my Little Cricket is still a picky eater, although it is still maddening at times to go through so much effort to get you fed correctly, it is FRIGGING WORKING!


The rest of the appointment my Little Cricket played games on the iphone while the pediatrician and I had a long talk. We talked about my Little Crickets genetic testing and how that adds more information to his chart. We talked about my frustration at not having a solid clear single diagnosis. We backtracked all the data that we discussed since my Little Cricket was born to see if we had missed any sign, any indication that something was wrong. I really appreciate the fact that she double and triple checks where she could have possibly made a mistake. But both of us agreed that we caught things as soon as we could. We talked about his therapy and treatment plan and the positive changes that my Little Cricket has been making. All in all things are going well.

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