Friday, May 27, 2016

Running Shoe

My body is killing me, my feet are killing me, my back is killing me, I am overweight and exhausted. It is a recipe for un-success. Part of the problem is that I know have to work out to feel better, but I hurt too much to make myself workout. Part of the problem of working out is that two babies and two rounds of planters fasciitis have taken a toll on my feet. I wore my tennis shoes to work out and my toe nails got bruised and lifted. AKA I need new shoes I think now.

And so I went back to the kick butt place that fitted me for my first tennis shoes. Top n Top is a place my podiatrist sent me too. They found me the most comfortable shoes EVER. They are ugly but dang they are comfy. And I was right, I needed a whole SIZE larger than my current tennis shoes. As an added bonus I found the most incredible high arched flip flops that make my feet SING. Win, win. Hopefully the new workout shoes will alleviate one of the excuses I use not to work out.





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