Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paper Class with my Mentor

I love mentors. I love attaching myself to someone who knows so much about a subject I want to learn about. I love listening to sound advice from someone I have learned to know and trust. My autism mentor, the same mentor that was the first mother of a child with autism I happened to stumble upon, is simply incredible. She knows what she is talking about, she is all for having a mother listen to the advice of doctors, but she is equally passionate about having a mother listen to her instincts. She has pushed me, she has encouraged me, she has guided me, she has listened to me for hours work through some horrible feelings multiple times. She is simply the best.

She also is becoming a dear friend. We have much in common, including our love of crafts. And so when she invited me to a paper making class, with some hesitation, I said yes. I hesitated not because it didn’t sound like fun, but because I am SO exhausted. I have never been this bone achingly tired. However I figured that my soul needed to go out as much as it needed to sleep. Sleeping alone I don’t think will pull me out of this mess.

And so we went and made flowers. And then we went and had some yummy dinner. And we talked about our lives, about our dreams, and about how we are going to kick ass in the future.













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