Monday, May 16, 2016

My Little Rose: 9 Month Pediatrician Checkup

Ahh my baby girl, today I took you in for your nine month checkup at the doctor. It feels like I was just here with my tiny little newborn. You arent so tiny anymore. Weighing in at 20 pounds 3 ounces you are 80th percentile with your weight. And measuring 20.25 inches you are a wooping 97th percentile height. So you are doing an awesome job in the being healthy and growing normal department, which calms some of my crazy guilty ‘I’m not breastfeeding you anymore’ fears down.



Since you are healthy and nothing seems to be to amiss we focused todays conversation on my two concerns. One is the cyst by your eye. Right now everyone has agreed to just monitor it. It looks bigger to me but its hard to tell when it was just measured two weeks ago. I will go in six months back to the specialist to see if it has grown more, or sooner if I see anything squirrelly or if it grows too big too fast. The other concern was the brown stain mark on your leg. At our 6 month appointment we got two vaccine shots the HIB ( Haemophilus Influenza- Bacteria ) and the Prevnar ( Pneumococcal ). One of them caused this stain to show up on my daughter’s leg the next day. It wasn’t there at the actual appointment and nothing else could have caused it. At first when I saw it I thought it was a bruise that would go away. SIGH, totally not the case. The doctor and her nurse are going to escalate this to the CDC and see if anyone else has reported this type of side effect. In the mean time we will just watch it and hope that it goes away with time. DOUBLE SIGH. In the grand scheme of things I know that its minor, that it is just cosmetic, it just pisses me off that this is yet ANOTHER thing going on with my baby.






The last thing we talked about is your brother, and more importantly if I am seeing major differences between you and him at this age. It is something I ask myself often. I notice little things like that you respond to your name better than your brother does now. That you look at people as they are talking, really look at them, and that you turn to whoever is talking in the room. I notice that you stood faster, but that you crawled later. All I can do is pray that you keep following your developmental milestones and continue to watch you like a hawk for the things I now know to look for. For now you are perfect, you are adorable and you are healthy. And I am just going to count my blessings, we are blessed.


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