Monday, May 23, 2016

My Little Rose: 43 Weeks Old

Since we found out about your brothers Autism diagnosis there has been a kernel of fear that you will also start showing signs of Autism. I watch your development closely looking for similarities and differences between you and your brother as you grow and I have you in a study at UCLA to catch anything that I may miss. Up until now I haven’t noticed much of a difference. Except this week I started seeing something a little different. I notice that you follow points with your eyes more, I notice that you watch me as I speak and then look to stare at who is replying to me (following a conversation with your eyes) and I notice that during diaper changes or while we are reading books you look at the card or book that I am talking about and then you look at me and then back to the book again. I know now that this is joint attention, and I know now how important it is. Now I remember your brother doing this as well, but you just do it way more. I am not sure in the grand scheme of things that this means anything, and I know I have no control of what happens, and I know I should just wait and see without stressing so much, but we are who we are.










Two weeks ago you wobblingly pulled yourself onto your tip toes and now you are standing like a rockstar. You are of course using everything to pull yourself up, the chairs, the baby gate, the cabinets, the high chair, your crib, my pant leg. I love that last one especially, I love that you want all my attention, I love that you want to be snuggled in my arms. Even when I am in the middle of something I try to stop, to slow down, and to sweep you up for some kisses and snuggles.




You are expanding the food that you eat. This week we have moved onto butternut squash, cheerios, bananas, carrots and blueberries. So far you seem to love everything as long as you can feed it to yourself of course.




You follow your brother around everywhere and he is already teaching you some pretty cool things. While I was laying out both of your pajamas and diapers before bath time I left you both in the bathroom for a moment. When I came back your brother was showing you how the toilet paper swirls down with flushing. You are also both learning so much by you crashing some of your brothers therapy sessions. They are working on how he interacts with you, with his play skills and you love to do what he does.




You are totally obsessed with your bottles. You get SO EXCITED when you see one that we have to hide them from you until it’s time to give it to you RIGHT THAT SECOND. You are spunky and feisty and full of love. We all adore you and cannot imagine life without the joy you bring to our lives.




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