Monday, May 16, 2016

My Little Rose: 42 Weeks Old

You love to follow me wherever I go. Although I am rarely ever get a moment to myself I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are my little mini me, my little shadow. When I shut the gate and use the restroom or when I am folding laundry, you are right there, babbling away, waiting for me to come back. You full my heart with so much joy!







You are a messy eater, that is to be expected as you learn how to navigate feeding yourself, but you upped it to a whole new level of messiness this week. You discovered how fun it is to pull your hair, and now when you are eating, and when your hands are covered in food, you rub them in your hair. With you being my second child I know now which battles I should choose to work toward curbing behavior and which to just let go. I know that this will just be a phase… it will just mean more baths for now.


I love that you and your brother are close in age. I am hoping that you will share so many joys and experiences once you get a little older. For now, when we go out, you mostly just watch from the stroller or my arms as your brother tackles the playground equipment. One thing that you CAN share is going on the swings. You both LOVE to swing. And we can spend hours a week in the backyard on the play yard with you swinging away. When we are at the park and lucky enough to get two swings side by side there is no happier two kids on the planet.








You look more and more like your daddy every day. I love that you have his eyes. I don’t however necessarily love that you have his genetic mutant super-fast growing nails. Seriously, I feel like I cut them and moments later they are two inches long again. Soon you will grow out of the phase of clawing your face, until then I am cutting your nails every other day.


You started waking more at night, it’s only been a few nights, but I never know if I am going to get a good night’s sleep or not. I see redness in your gums so I am assuming that you are probably teething. Plan B is that it might be a growth spurt. Either way I am left so tired again. You wake at 1 or 2 and you stay up for a good hour or two. I see you using your binkie more, mostly as a chew toy or a self-soother, not so much to suck. In fact you are chewing everything more, your toys, your bottle nipples, your hands. My poor baby girl.



You are beginning to get so much more expressive. You laugh with joy all the time. I love to see you smile. But this week I started seeing that you are perfecting the art of the frown or the fake cry. You aren’t actually upset from what I can tell, you just aren’t getting your way quickly enough. The moment I give you what you want the frown vanishes. You aren’t gonna be able to pull that over on your mama… she has mastered the art of the fake pout. But I adore you for trying.






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