Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Little Cricket: Happy Third Birthday to You

I debated about what to do for your birthday this year. We threw a large party for your first birthday, for your second birthday we went to Disney. I had a moment where I wanted to throw you a big party, but then I realized that I was crazy; that just isn’t in the cards right now. First we haven’t seen or spoken to any of the moms and your little friends in our groups since November. We have been so busy with therapy, and I have been so emotionally all over the place trying to process what is going on I have been in a hidey hole. And so to invite everyone over, after not seeing them for so long, seemed odd. The effort to throw a party right now doesn’t feel right either. I don’t have time to direct any energy away from the bare necessities right now. And then I thought about what YOU would love for your birthday. A day of fun at Disney, you would have a blast. And so we woke this morning and ran out the door to spend as long as we could at the greatest place on earth.







It was partly cloudy, warm but not hot, the perfect day. I did some research, and I spoke to a fellow Autism mom who told me that we could get a fast pass that would allow us to skip past most of the lines. That pass was AWESOME, it took the fear away from trying to keep you from going bonkers in the lines. The pass allowed us to pick one ride, and it gave us a time to go to that ride. Technically we waited the same amount of time as the wait for that ride, but we were able to do our waiting walking around, using the restroom, or grabbing a snack. As a result we were able to ride more rides.








Midway through the day we grabbed lunch. I am so THANKFUL that my kids are so amazing. Both of them did amazing during lunch. After lunch My Little Rose got fussy and then finally passed out. She caught a little nap in the baby bijiorn earlier in the day but the park is full of so much noise and interest that the cat-nap didn’t last long. When she started to really get fussy I sent the boys to take a few turns on more rides while I found a quazi quiet place to sit in the shade.






After my Little Rose’s nap we headed to yet more rides, but we were winding down. After a turn on the merry go round and on Nemo’s sub we decided to start slowly heading out. First we grabbed a toy for my Little Cricket, and I knew exactly what to get him. Recently at school he has been in love with Woody, and when the teachers are trying to get my Little Cricket to focus on something like coloring, or sitting to listen to a story, if my Little Cricket resists they have Woody do it and he complies. His love for Woody also translates home where his favorite movie right now is Toy Story. After 2 stores we finally found the perfect, draw string, hat wearing cowboy and that kid was SO HAPPY! And as an added bonus during the day we even saw Woody and got a photo with him.












Our last stop of the day was at an ice cream shop on main street. We got my Little Cricket a huge kid sundae and sang happy birthday. He loved that ice cream… although he didn’t love the brain freeze as much. Even my Little Rose got a little ice cream tastes… she was in love for sure.




We had such an awesome day, with less stress because of our lack of line waiting, and I thank god for the policies at Disney that allowed us to have such an amazing day. We rode more rides than we ever had before, and we even stayed way later than I thought we would. We got to the part at 10am and we left walked out the doors 6pm. Eight hours of amazing funness. My Little Cricket got carried in his dads arms back to the car. He insisted sitting with Woody in his car seat; his new best friend. Before we even drove out of the parking lot my Little Cricket was sleeping.




An hour later we were home, both kids were put snuggly in bed, my Little Cricket was cuddled with his new best friend. An end to a fabulous, wonderful, very special day.


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