Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mother-in-law to the Rescue

The same no-good-very-bad day that I called the therapists number that had been sitting on my desk for a month, I also called my mother in law. She has been offering for months to come out and help me with the kids, to help me get a break, to just HELP. And in my normal, I got all this under control and don’t need any help, denial I kindly told her that I was ok. At least I was ok until I wasn’t, hence the phone call. And so I called, and she told me she would buy plane tickets that very day to come out for a week as soon as she could. In the end she decided to come for two weeks, and today she arrived.

She came to help with the house. She came to spend time with her grandkids. She came to give me some space to regroup. I know women talk about their ‘monster-in-laws’ but I really hit the jackpot with mine. She is simply the best.


And she came brining my Little Cricket his birthday gift. He was one happy camper and so was I. Maybe this break is exactly what I need right now.






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