Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Break In

As if I wasn’t already on edge, as if my world wasn’t already full and stressful enough. Horrible men broke into our home. I was exhausted. I put the children to bed at 7. And instead of my normal routine, of coming downstairs and hanging out I decided instead to go to bed. I was in bed by 7:30, the children sleeping snug in their beds.

My husband arrived home at 9:15 to find the back door broken into. He thought the worse.








He dashed upstairs only to find all of us sleeping. My sons bedroom door wide open (and I always close that door). We called the police, we filed a report. Nothing that we can see has been taken. Best guess from the police is that it was punk kids who broke in. They didn’t come in an eaiser way, instead they choose to break through a double paned security glass (much harder to break into and much louder than other entries a professional would have used). He thought they were coming in to the house to grab jewelry. Things that were easy to sell, things that brought fast money for drugs. They came in. they must have realized that we were home when they saw my son in his bed. They must have panicked and just left. It could have gone SO MUCH WORSE. The most terrible thing of it all is that I was so terribly exhausted that I slept through it all.

Regardless of why I was totally freaked out. Up until 6 months ago we had a huge Rottweiler, and no one in their right mind would have broken in. Now we felt so violated. We slept poorly that night, me curled around the bear mace. It wasn’t likely that they would return but you never know. We ordered a pepper gun the next day. Since the glass would take days to fix we had my fix it guy come in and wood it up.




Next week we will get a security system put in. Until then I am not going to sleep well.

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