Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Month in Moments: My Little Cricket 35 months old

Grandma and Papa are in town this month and you have been eating up all the extra attention. I have also loved having the help. I am starting to drown a little bit in all this chaos, the learning curve and the schedule is starting to really take its toll. Having my parents here, who love playing with you, has been giving me a much needed break. You have been saying PAPA this month which is making my father SUPER happy. You should see his silly grin from ear to ear whenever you call him Papa. My dad came over one day without my mom, she was in Michigan visiting my grandmother, and you kept looking for her saying ‘where’d she go’.







We had a huge scare this month. You were sitting behind me when you fell back. You hit your head and you got limp and pure white for a moment. You had a concussion and it was the scariest moment of my life. As I debated to call 911 after a minute you started to come out of it. And 15 minutes later it was like nothing ever happened.






You love to be outside. You love your swing set and your water table and the fountain and the kiddie pool in the yard. We are out there daily. You love the long strolls through the neighborhood and you love the park too. You are such an easy going guy and everything is fun.







You got another hair cut at the mall last week. This time I asked her to keep the top a little longer. Each time it is looking better and better. After getting your hair cut we hung out at the mall play place. And you spent a good 20 minutes straight chasing and being chased by another little two year old. Sometimes when you play you play alone, sometimes you play side by side and then sometimes you are totally playing with the other kids. I sat there with a gigantic grin on my face watching you have the time of your life with your new friend. At one point your friend got distracted and I held my breath to see if you would lose interest too. Instead you walked right up to him and said as clear as day ‘come on’… you ran away and looked over your shoulder and he started chasing you again. I die!!!!! These are the things that make everything all worth it and the moment when I am clear that everything will be ok. I live for these moments, because I worry so much about you.




You play and interact with your little sister more and more every month. You bring her her bottle, you show her your trains and you are tolerating her more when we hold you both.




You are starting to resist sitting in your high chair now. You want to sit in the big boy chair. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t go quite so well. Regardless I love that you are starting to assert more of what you want. We started your eating program with your occupational therapist last week. I am super excited to finally be working on your sensory issues with food. We are hoping that by the end of the 12 week program we can get you eating some of the goal foods I have set.




it was Easter this month and as a result you are now obsessed with eggs. Because I didn’t want to bombard you with candy I kept all your eggs away, you got one a day, a plastic egg with a piece of chocolate in it. Now every day you ask for an egg about 20 times a day. You keep loving to put things in and open them, however the downside is that you need help to close them. So all day long you carry around your egg and about 40 times an hour you come up to me and ask me to close them. SIGH.




You are continuing to make significant improvements with the help of all your therapy. I have made sure to select therapists that believe in a play based model. Everything feels like play, everything feels fun, and most of all you seem to enjoy which makes me happy. You are doing amazing and the leaps you are making every single week is incredible. You my love are incredible.


In Speech Therapy you are doing so well. Your language keeps getting better and better. This month you were drawing a face with the therapist. She was working on the eyes and then adding slowly the other facial features. She only drew one ear and you pointed and asked to add the other ear. Little milestones like this, with you beginning to fill in the blanks correctly and naturally is what we are looking for.




In JASPER and Floortime therapy you started pitching your voice as another character bringing you up a play level. Our goal is to get you to imaginative play something that you may try here and there. We are working on strengthening that. Floortime has also been taking you around the neighborhood and you made a new little friend. She has been seeing wonderful social interactions between you and your new buddy which is wildly exciting.









To help with your imaginative play I have gone through all your toys and started removing things that are below your play level or that are not things that can be incorporated in imaginative play. I have also bought you a few additional things like for your train set. I got a crane and boat set with magnetic cargo to help expand your imaginative play.



Occupational therapy has been SUCH a big help. You are now way more regulated and because of that you are paying attention more in your therapies, you are responding more to your name, you are able to focus for longer periods of time, and you are able now to follow simple one step commands. We are going four times a week which might seem crazy to some, but it is working so well. We also started a listening program this week. I am not sure how much I love it yet, but we are going to see how it works out. You look like you should belong in some 60s aerobic video.













I found an ABA company where I really liked the psychologists who run the program but I really disliked the therapists. I found out that ABA therapists only make $12-$15 dollars an hour, not nearly enough for someone who is experienced and qualified enough for my standards in my opinion. I found one therapist that is OK, who I plan to continue to use until I find another company.

We are also seeing a Physical Therapist to help you with your jumping. She is also working on activities and following through with tasks. You love her and all her fun games. We are hoping to only have to see her for a month or two.





When you aren’t in therapy, on our way to therapy or at preschool I try very hard to make sure that little demands are placed on you. You need time to be a kid, time to play, time to make art, and watch tv, and just chillax. I treasure this time where our life feels more normal. I love you so much Cricket. So so so so much.







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