Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nerdy Birdy: Owling with the Master Owlers

I have been feeling burned out and pushed to my limit. In order to help with balance I am trying to do a few things for me, for my soul, other than just nap, away from the children who I am with 24-7 (the way I want it but it is exhausting). So today I left the kids with Mr. Rogue and I headed into the mountains to see some owls with an owling group.

It takes hours to get up the mountain, and hours of looking in the cold trying to find these little owls. Flammulated owl, spotted owl and the Northern Saw-whet owl were the targets for today. I have seen and gotten great photos of all of these except the Northern Saw-whet. I have one photo of a baby from super far away. Totally annoying. And so I was super hopeful that THIS would be the trip I would finally get a great look and a great photo at a saw-whet.

Sadly we didn’t see or hear any saw-whet owls but we did get fantastic looks at a Flammulated owl, and I got the best photo I have ever gotten of one. You never know what we are going to find. Sometimes the owls cooperate and sometimes they don’t. Owling is very difficult so I am always super happy to see anything.

The saw-whet will have to wait for another day.











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