Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Little Rose: Weird Little Eye Bump

A few weeks ago I noticed a small bump on my daughters face by her eyebrow. Since she has been becoming more mobile I just assumed she had bumped it on something and that it would just go away. But after two weeks it hadn’t gotten smaller and in fact looked a little bit bigger. I started to worry, I googgled (run away from the google – it is a dark and scary medical place). And then I made an appointment to see her pediatrician. Apparently the bump is either a cyst… or cancer.


A doctor didn’t just use my daughter’s name and the word cancer in the SAME SENTENCE!!!!!!!!

She set an appointment for an ultrasound in a few days. I called and got in today. Sure we had to drive a distance to a further office and we had to wait for over an hour, but we got in today. And the ultrasound technician as well as the radiologist both assured me that although they weren’t doctors they believe it is a cyst.




The very next day I got a call from my doctor putting my last fear to rest. Yes it is a cyst. No it isn’t cancer. She believes that it is a Pilomatricoma but that we should go to a pediatric dermatologist to be sure. Of course I had to google what Pilomatricoma was:

“also known as pilomatrixoma, is a type of noncancerous (benign) skin tumor associated with hair follicles. Hair follicles are specialized structures in the skin where hair growth occurs. Pilomatricomas occur most often on the head or neck, although they can also be found on the arms, torso, or legs.”

I took the very first appointment the Pediatric dermatologist t had. We go to see him next week. Please keep my Little Rose in your prayers.

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