Monday, March 21, 2016

My Little Rose: My Little Rose: 34 Weeks Old

Oh my love we are STILL having sleep issues. You are waking once to three times a night with a full diaper and a ravenous hunger. I am sure now it is a growth spurt. We are going on day 10 and I am SO FRIGGIN TIRED. It has been so easy to get into the route of changing your diaper and then letting you feed yourself you bottle in the crib, especially when I am so exhausted or when I am trying to get your brother in bed too. I only have so many hands after all. Of course I can see now you are starting to get a little dependent on really wanting that bottle to fall asleep. As soon as we get over this hump, and you start sleeping again, and therefore I start sleeping again, I am going to have to make the effort to help you stop that dependency. For now though we are just in survival mode.









By the way some of these facial expressions are just killing me. Love it!






So far you are loving all the food I have given you. Of course you still arent eating well, with over half of it all over you and your hands and the tray. In fact I am not actually sure how much you are getting in your mouth. But you arent outright refusing anything so I guess we are making progress. Soon I know your tounge and your mouth will work together to push the food in instead of out. I am pretty sure it’s gotta be any minute now.


You are still taking baths with your brother and although you still arent sitting up yet it seems to be working out ok. Now that we have been doing it this way for a few weeks its getting easier and easier. I end up leaving your brother for a few minutes of extra play while I get you dressed and put you down to bed. The whole time I keep singing with him to be sure he is still ok since he is young. And it makes me nervous if I don’t hear him for a second but it seems to be working ok.




The ball pit is your new favorite chill zone. I added a ton more balls and you are loving it.



I have been carting you around to a ton of your brother’s doctor appointments and therapies. You are so super chill and everyone loves you so much. Even grocery shopping with the double stroller you do well in. You are my sweet little mini me.



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