Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Little Rose MRI – UCLA Sibling Study

Today was your scheduled MRI for the UCLA Sibling Study that we are a part of. The MRI was the only reason I almost didn’t enter into the study. I was/still am worried about the long term effects of getting an MRI done at such a young age. However I reasoned that the benefits will far outweigh the risks. These studies are important. Getting this information into the doctors hands is important. By allowing these procedures and tests to be run we are giving the next generation the ability to hopefully figure out how to help children with Autism. Although it won’t help us, it will hopefully help someone in the future.




We scheduled this appointment at your bed time. So we arrived at the Neuroscience building around 6:30. I filled out paperwork and then I spent an hour getting you to sleep. You had to be unclothed, and I had to get you sleeping with double earphones on so you would sleep through the MRI machine noises. A technician was in the room with you the entire time and you did AMAZING. You did wake up once, but I was able to get you back to sleep to complete the entire hour and a half testing. They played various sounds, someone else reading a children’s book, a recording of me reading that same book, the book being read to you in another language and someone reading out of a complex college textbook. Their hope is to trace how your brain reacts to the language of all of these recordings.







We made it home by 11 where you finally snuggled into bed happy to be sleeping and comfy.


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