Monday, March 28, 2016

My Little Rose: 8 Months Old (35 Weeks)

This week you are eight months old and I am SO proud to say that you started crawling this week. Well it’s more like creeping but yes you are propelling forward. Papa was actually over just hanging out and you were playing at our feet and just crawled.







This week also you moved into size four diapers. You could have probably stayed in size 3 for a little longer but since you kept blowing out of your dipaers a few times a week I decided to move you up. Seriously I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that you and your brother are now in the same size diapers. It blows my mind. On the plus side it is now so much easier to only have once size to have to buy and pack in the diaper bag.



Your dad is now watching you twice a week while I take your brother to his Occupational therapy and then drop him off at preschool. I love that you both get a little bonding time. And he thinks its funny, in all his spare time, to take funny photos of you or to completely mess with photos that I have taken to use as emoticons as we text during the day. Did I mention daddy is funny.






We spend a ton of our free time in the back yard. Since you aren’t walking yet I either have been holding you or you have been hanging out in your baby hammock chair. Finally, this week, we got you a baby swing for the swing set delivered. I ordered one a few weeks ago but it never came, this is the replacement one. You adore it, and so does your big brother, who always wants a turn too.



You are starting to eat a little better. Maybe you are finally getting the hang of it. We are now offering two meals a day of baby purree food. And this week I introduced you to the beloved baby crack. You get to work on your pincer grasp and feeding yourself at the same time.


Now that you are mobile, albet slow, you are now getting into whatever your big brother is playing. You want anything and everything he is playing with.




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