Monday, May 2, 2016

My Little Rose: 40 Weeks Old

Well we had an awful scare this week. A few weeks ago I noticed a bump on your eye, this week we went to the general pediatrician where she mentioned that it was probably a cyst but might be cancer. The second I heard cancer I flipped out. We went immediately to the ultrasound office and found out that it wasn’t cancer, but it was a cyst. Our next step is to move forward with seeing a pediatric dermatologist which we will see next week. Thankfully right now it is small and I am just praying that everything will be just fine.


In good news you finally stood up for the first time this week. You are awfully shaky but you finally did it. You keep getting stronger and more independent. You are also crawling all over, checking everything out, and getting into so much. Now that you are able to pick up tiny pieces they are constantly putting them in your mouth. You love anything you can find but your absolute favorite is anything PAPER. You are sitting up so well not too. You are tripoding, getting down onto the floor and back up again. You are becoming a more graceful ‘faller’, thank goodness.





You are also loving climbing on everything, or attempting too. You want on the couch, on boxes or baskets; you especially really want to climb on the trampoline.



I finally busted out the big girl stroller seat this week. You are now sitting up with awesome head control. That and the fact that we have to use the stroller a lot, because you have to go to many of your brothers therapies. Now you can be much more comfortable!




You are so social, you want to be a part of anything that is going on. My parents have been visiting and you are getting lots of snuggles from grandma and grandpa. Your babysitter, who watches you sometimes while I take your brother to therapy, adores you and plays with you so much. And you are starting to join your brother with his therapists. Of course your brother remains your favorite buddy. You are such an easy going smiley baby. Everyone who meets you adores you.





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