Monday, April 18, 2016

My Little Rose: 38 Weeks Old

You are sitting up a little better this week, still toppling but I think you are so close to ACTUALLY staying in a sitting position. You are also trying to stand, which is crazy, learning to sit and to stand in the same week. You are almost there on both counts.


You will not lay flat, or still, instead you are constantly in motion. Even on lock down in the stroller your arms and feet are waving around like crazy. In addition you will often have interesting positions with your legs and feet. You like to be crazy and wild.



We are outside so much. The swing is working out fantastic and keeps you entertained. But you are getting a bit big for your recliner seat. I started bringing out the bouncer this week and you are loving it.





You are moving and shaking and getting into all kinds of fun stuff. In particular a favorite love is the dishwasher, just like your brother at this age. Since you are almost sitting but need a little bit of help I started putting you in the play car. You LOVE sitting in there. You are so happy to be a big girl in the car.



You are becoming so much more interested and aware of everything. I see you trying to mimic, trying to process, getting into to everything just to see what will happen. Tasting everything, watching all the time. You are of course drawn to anything and everything electronic. But you also love people too. We had our adopted grandma, Mrs. Rico, visit today to meet you. You just loved her, and I missed seeing my friend and mentor.






It is so amazing to see a tiny little helpless baby grow into a little person. You have so much of your own personality now. So much of your own style. One of my favorite things is to hear you laugh. Brings a smile to my face, every, single, time.


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