Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Week 5 – Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding

This week our OT attempted to incorporate eggs, which he has never eaten, and carrots which he used to eat but will no longer touch. Un-surprisingly he didn’t eat either. In fact when the eggs came out around 8:00min you can see him visibly get upset. He did finally chew a little on the red chew something that he hasn’t done up until now. By getting him to work on chewing on the chew the OT hopes to strengthen his back jaw muscles.


- peanuts and cashews mixed
- granola crumbled
- granola bar
- scrambled eggs
- mac and cheese
- orange colored yogurt
- carrot stick (Raw)
- dried orange fruit (not mango; could be dried apricots, peaches, or papaya)
- Naked Juice: Mighty Mango

The homework I was given today was to focus on ‘do’ language vs ‘don’t’ language. By focusing on the positive we can create a more positive powerful eating experience. Work on having your child understand the exact correct behavior you expect. Do language helps a child learn through a positive experience giving them the understanding of the correct way. So instead of ‘don’t throw food’ simply say ‘food stays on the table’. Instead of ‘sit down’ say ‘chairs are for sitting, not standing’. Negative and ‘don’t’ language only create feelings of upset and anxiety. By switching my language to positive rule following statements then I am simply guiding my child gently to what is acceptable behavior.

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