Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Week 4 – Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding

- peaches
- carrot stick (Raw)
- orange veggie straw chips
- French fries
- pretzel stick
- peanut butter
- humus
- dried mango
- naked juice mighty mango

He wouldn’t eat the peaches which he has eaten a hundred times before. He did actual drink the Naked Mango juice this week which was DAMN impressive. If I can get him to drink one of these once a day at least we will be getting more vitamins and minerals in him. He ate the veggie straw chips which he has eaten before but not the cold French fries (can’t blame him here they were gross). He loved the pretzels and carrots again dipped in the peanut butter but he would only lick the peanut butter off not actually eat the carrot or pretzel. He also wouldn’t touch the hummus which I wasn’t surprised at. I was at least hoping he would try it. Maybe I can get him to eat it this week. The dried mango and the mango juice (which we have been feeding him all week) both went well too.

This week went well although my Little Cricket didn’t eat any of our goal foods the carrot stick or the hummus. But we will try to continue this week.

Use neutral or positive language when discussing food. ASD children often have sensory issues so discussing at length and teaching your child about the sensory properties of food lets them learn about the food they are eating in another way. So give the food a name and describe its color, shape, size and texture. Teach the physics of food by exploring it with your hands, get messy. If they don’t like a food or really want the food to go away offer that they can push the food to the side or even cover it up with a napkin. Try not to remove the food from the plate and if food falls on the floor simply state ‘food stays on the table’ and pick it up.

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