Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Week 3 – Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding

- cashews and peanuts (mixed)
- peanut butter
- honey bunches of oats
- cheeto puff ball
- carrot sticks (Raw)
- cheddar cheese cubes
- dried mango
- naked juice mighty mango

This week we are still in the trust part of the SOS session. Which means that the list of foods is still tailored to mostly things that my Little Cricket will eat. Each session we start with whistles and chewing exercises to get him used to putting things in his mouth. He ate a few cashews which he has never eaten before but then he realized that the peanuts were in there and started picking those out. The therapist worked on trying to get him use his tongue to pull food to his back molars, something that she says he can do but that he does inconsistently. He also ate the cheeto ball way more easily this time. The carrot sticks he wouldn’t eat but the therapist did get him to make letters with them and touch them. This time she got him to actually lick peanut butter off which was pretty impressive. He also touched the cheddar cheese blocks and stacked them but he didn’t eat those either. He did explore the juice more but again, like last week wouldn’t drink any.

I am going to continue with these new foods over the next week and hope that he might explore them some more.

How we talk about to our children about food is critical. The words we use need to be teaching words and kept positive, no threats or bribing.

So replace a question ‘can you’ with an encouraging ‘you can’
by using you can you are avoiding a question which requires an answer, you are encouraging a child and instilling confidence. You are avoiding the power struggle. If they don’t seem ready or balk just say, ‘when you are ready, I believe you can’. Talk about how other family members can as well. You can offer options - like ‘do you want A or B’.

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