Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Week 2 –Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding

This is the second week of our SOS schedule. The list of foods that I had to bring was virtually the same as the first week. The only changes are that the peanut butter was replaced with almond butter, which my Little Cricket hated and replacing the American cheese with shredded cheese. My Little Cricket did well again. Except for the Almond Butter everything seemed to go well, he even ate some of the cheeto balls this time.

List of foods to bring
- Peanuts
- Almond Butter
- Honey Bunches of Oats
- Cheeto Puff Ball
- Carrots cooked cut into slices
- Cheddar Shredded Cheese
- Dried Mango
- Naked Juice: Mighty Mango

As homework I was given some goals to work on for family mealtime. The goal of mealtime is to get a child to eat a suitable volume of their preferred foods and to be open to other new foods as well. Try to offer a fruit, starch, vegetable and fat at each and every meal (3 meals a day) and snack (2 snacks a day) and have at least one of those items at each sitting be a preferred item.

When starting an eating time:
1. Make sure that you give the child a warning that it will be time to wash our hands soon
2. Try to do a sensory break here
3. Then say it is time to wash your hands now and march your child to the sink to wash hands.
4. When seated blow bubbles to get the mouth motor working and active.
5. Then pass around serving dishes so child can serve themselves food (help your child serve themselves and get the food as close to the plate as your child will allow).
6. Then everyone eats, allow your child to eat themselves. Adults should talk about the food and use over exaggerated eating movements
7. When done eating (or if necessary midway through meal) offer a high calorie drink
8. When done begin a cleanup routine by having the child help put dishes in sink, wash hands ect

The use of routine and consistency with family meals really helps set a predictable tone for the meal.

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