Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Week 1 – Starting Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding

Yesterday we started our first session of Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding (SOS) food training program. Based on the long list of food that my Little Cricket eats, and our targeted goal foods, our occupational therapist crafted a list of foods to start our eating program with. Apparently the first three weeks consist of foods that are easy to eat and that are mostly preferred. They also happen to stay pretty much the same to build trust and for the child to get used to the play focus with the food. Our list for today was pretty simple and almost all of which I thought my Little Cricket would eat.

The theory is to focus on positive eating. Any association with the food from tolerating in his eyesight, to tolerating it on his plate, to touching it, to licking it, to trying it. There are actually 27 steps between seeing a food and actually eating it without any issue. I am really hopeful that this works.



List of foods to bring
- Peanuts
- Peanut Butter
- Honey Bunches of Oats
- Cheeto Puff Ball
- Carrots cut into slices
- American Cheese Slice
- Dried Mango
- Naked Juice: Mighty Mango

The session went better than I thought it would. My Little Cricket had a good time interacting with the food and playing the games that the therapist created. As I suspected he didn’t eat the cheeto puff ball, the carrots or the juice, all new things for him. But at least he did allow them on the tray and he even interacted with them. The therapist was happy with the session and I am just trusting in the process.

I just cannot wait until the end of the program and my Little Cricket is hopefully eating more.

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