Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Meeting the School Advocate

We are only on our third month of this journey and already I feel like I have made mistakes. Mistakes that I have since corrected, and I am sure I will make more as I keep learning. But I realize I don’t have time to learn everything, and more than anything I hate being taken advantage of.

In that mindset one of the biggest things coming up is my sons IEP meeting with the school district. I am right now focusing on therapy, deciding the best therapies for my son, finding the therapists, and navigating the horrible world of schedule juggling and insurance. So after talking to some of the veteran moms with ASD children older than mine and listening to the advice from the director of Brite Kids I decided to hire an advocate to be sure that I am not taken advantage of at the IEP and that my son gets the services he has a right too.

Today I spent an hour with our advocate. A woman with almost 20 years’ experience dealing with the school district we are assigned too. I am hopeful that we will get what we need with minimal amount of fighting and stress.

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