Friday, April 1, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Mommy and Me 2: Expanding Routines

It’s funny the first few times I saw JASPER it just looked like the therapist was playing with my son. I have found that the best therapies look just like play. But there is a wealth of thought, strategy and complexity behind the play that makes JASPER so wonderful. Today in our mom and therapist session the therapist really took a back seat and let us parents begin to work on our JASPER skills. Even after watching about 40 hours of JASPER therapy, working on JASPER sessions at home and learning so much in the lecture I still find it hard to balance all of the pieces. I did well and my Little Cricket remained engaged almost the entire 40 minute play time which was a success.

Today in lecture we talked about expanding and building on existing play routines. It is important once you have a clear set routine that you are expanding by adding 2-3 steps or mixing up some of the toys or arrangement. It is important not to get too complacent. On one hand you want them comfortable to promote joint attention, gesture and language, but on the other hand you don’t want a child to get bored or apathetic. The goal would be that the child would initiate the new idea or expansion and that you would follow with support. The most common and easiest way for a therapist to expand on a set routine is to combine it with another set routine.

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