Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Month in Moments: My Little Cricket 33 Months Old

We are on a crazy journey. I feel like sometimes I am falling down the rabbit hole and sometimes like I totally am kicking butt. Either way life has been hard this month. From managing all these therapies, to trying to meet yours and yoru sisters needs to dealing with other life things that need to be done to the pink eye you got this month I am stretched. But no matter how tired I feel I just have to look at your smiling face to know that yes, it is all worth it.







You have totally developed a love love relationship with the galoshes that your Aunt Mrs. Fruit gave to us. Seriously you don’t want to take those bad boys off and I think it is totally adorable. I am sure you would sleep in them if I let you. We live in LALA land, and this year is a horrible drought, so there really isn’t much practical use for them at all. But kids, they don’t need something that is practical; they just need something that is fun. You even wear them during mealtimes. Your favorite peanut butter and jelly staple is now being dismembered at mealtimes. You like to take it apart and lick off ALL THE JELLY first. If you are still hungry you might eat the rest. Sadly with how busy our schedule is you are eating some of your meals in the car. I always have snacks and a drink ready too, just in case you need to fuel up as we are on our way to yet another appointment.




This new schedule is ruling our life. With how busy we have been your bed times have creeped a little earlier. Instead of going to bed at 7:30pm (with a nap) we are now putting you down around 6:30 so that you can be asleep by 7:00pm. You sleep in the funniest positions like the ultimate yoga baby you are so flexible. You sleep really really well most nights not stirring at all, which I am grateful for. A good night’s sleep really helps with keeping your energy up during the day with your therapy. There have been several instances this month where you have really been needing me in the middle of the night. You cry and don’t want me to leave the room. One night I was so tired that I brought you in bed with us. I don’t want to make a habit of that for sure but to go from with me every moment to spending so much time with therapists where the demands are so high I see why you are getting anxious. All I can do is be there when you need me and give you the attention and closeness that you are obviously seeking. I am hoping that once you get used to this schedule things will get better.




We now have a great team of therapists. There is a speech therapist, floortime therapist, JASPER (at UCLA and now at home), Brite Kids Center Based Preschool, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. I love our team and the placements that I have you at and feel confident that we are on the right direction with a good plan. We are still looking for an ABA person. I have talked to several companies but still haven’t found someone that I like or that is interested in a modified schedule. Don’t worry I will find something eventually but I am waiting for find that perfect fit. I am noticing a ton of improvements for instance you have a new game where you sneak up behind me and say ‘Boo’ trying to scare me. Your eye contact, language and gestures gets better day by day. And your Occupational therapist has done WONDERS with improving your regulation. I am so happy with the progress you are making. You make me so proud buddy.








Your words has increased tremendously but your jabbering has increased tremendously too. You talk to the tv, to your toys, to yourself as you play and to me. I love that you are so much more vocal.


With therapists coming to the door in and out all day long we have had tons of opportunities to say hello and goodbye as we welcome our therapists into and out of the home. You are now saying hi consistently, and even adding the beckoning gesture and language ‘come in’. Best of all, and much to my happiness that you are doing all of this unprompted. For now I am trying to keep the prompts out of your life or at least super minimal.




Every day I see improvements. Every day you do something that is new and exciting. This month you blew me away when I took you to a psychologist appointment. During her testing you pointed to about 20 things that she asked you to identify in a picture book you have never seen before. All this hard work is paying off my son. You and me kid, we are going to be ok.






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