Monday, March 14, 2016

My Little Rose: My Little Rose: 33 Weeks Old

Oh little girl we have been having a rough week with sleeping. You are going through a growth spurt, or your teeth hurt, or you just want some extra attention and cuddles, or you don’t feel quite right and just need your mama. Regardless of what is going on you are waking up so much. Instead of giving me a straight 12 hour window of sleep you are sleeping more like 14 hours with two or three wakeups. I am pretty sure it is a growth spurt, because each wakeup you are finishing a full 6 ounce bottle. Unfortunately I am someone who desperately needs my sleep. And I am just SO TIRED. You are screwing with my sleep and I don’t like it. Hopefully it will only last a few nights. I keep chanting in my head over and over that you will only be this small for such a short time. You will only need me this much for a little longer. And so I close my eyes and rock you, I close my eyes and sing. I try to appreciate the beauty of these late night bonding moments that will pass oh so quickly.








I have been trying so hard to keep up with your photos and your photo shoots. There have been a few weeks that I have missed, but considering how insanely crazy busy we have been I am doing a great job. I don’t want that whole second child, aka half the photos being taken, to happen to you.





I put you on the floor and you are not staying there. You will almost immediately flip onto your belly and start scooting in circles. I am a little bit worried because you should be crawling right now. I know you arent supposed to comare kids but my Little Cricket was scooting forward at 25 weeks. You are 8 weeks older and still not crawling. On one hand I remind myself that every child is different and that you will get there on your own time. But on the other hand I am terrified with any delays you show that might indicate something more.




Your hair is growing in really nice and thick. I love how soft it is and will often give you little head rubs which you love as much as mommy does. Your hair is such a beautiful chestnut color. I sure do love your adorable little outfits and I can’t wait until your hair is longer so we can do fun things with it.






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