Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: UCLA Autism Sibling Study – My Little Rose’s 6 Month Results

I got the results today from My Little Rose’s UCLA Autism study participation. Although I haven’t seen anything to do with her development that I would consider untypical I still was overjoyed that our participation in this study would allow professionals to double-check her development. Her results came back typical. Although that doesn’t mean that later My Little Rose could show signs of autism at least this is a good start.

On the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (MSEL) a cognitive test that evaluates a child’s developmental level with emphasis on language, motor and perceptual abilities. Her:

1. motor skills were good and on par with her age. She could sit up by pulling herself up with my fingers, she could shift her weight and reach for a toy, and she could pass a block from hand to hand. Gross motor and fine motor scores were given as 6 months.

2. visual reception was normal. She was able to pull on a cord to obtain a disc attached and she was able to turn a cup right side up. Visual reception score was given as 7 months.

3. Language development was normal. She turned to make eye contact with examiner when she said ‘hi baby’. she showed interest with herself in a mirror. She engaged in single syllable babble strings like ‘dadadada’ and played with sounds like ‘ooooo’ and ‘ah-goo’. She also showed enjoyment when playing peek a boo with mother. Receptive language was scored at 5 months and expressive language was scored at 7 months.

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