Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Everyone Has to Make Sacrifices

With this diagnosis many things have changed in our lives. Our free open lifestyle of adventure and fun has now moved to a more scheduled routine life of therapies and specialists. I always knew that I would have to pull back on us traveling so often; I just thought we had several more years before school schedules and extracurricular activities took us into that direction. Since early intervention in helping children with ASD is key, and since keeping my Little Cricket focused on his therapies is so important during these young critical years I have decided that we are going to stop traveling for a while. I had several trips planned for this year already:

March – a Michigan trip to visit my grandparents and introducing my Little Rose to them
July – a family Myrtle Beach trip
September – a Pittsburgh trip to visit Ms. Pool Shark and see her sweet new baby girl due soon
October – visit my brother his wife and their little boy

The only trip we decided to keep was our family trip to Myrtle beach in July, because everyone needs a break and a single week won’t make that much difference.

As for the rest my heart is breaking. Traveling is what I love to do most in the world. But taking a few years off won’t kill me. There are still many many years left to travel. I am hoping that the sacrifice will give my son the best chance at excelling.

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