Saturday, March 5, 2016

BBBS: When you Call Me, I am There

My Little, my crazy hormonal little from Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is in love, she is ready to run away with some punk boy. She wants to have his baby. She thinks that this will last forever. And she is ready to go. Her mom called me in a panic. I have too much on my plate already, but the universe didn’t ask if I wanted more. Instead I drove over, I talked to Ms. Little. I tried to instill some sense in her head and heart. And then I had a very long talk with her mom. About focusing on two things, getting her on birth control and having her finish high school. Two goals! A few days later I went back and took the girls out. We went to lunch, and then we went to 100 different places to fill out job applications. A girl who is working and in school full time has LESS free time to think about and hang out with boys.

Hoping that my influence helps. I hope to god she finishes high school at least.


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