Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Month in Moments: My Little Cricket 32 Months Old

My Little Cricket, you are a complete goofball. Ad\s you grow more and more into a tiny little person all your own I revel in the gift of being a mom, of having a constant little buddy, of smiling with you all day long. You my son are a whirlwind of energy, a model of true joy, a curious explorer and I adore you SO MUCH.






We go often to a park right around the corner from our house. I took a photo of you in a specific tree we pass by on our walk last year and I wanted to remember to take one again this year. Sometimes my ideas and wants do not come into fruition, hell I am so busy I can barely stay on top of the things that absolutely need to get done, but this time I prevailed. And I am so happy that I did. It is so amazing to see you, a year ago and now, at the exact same spot. Ahhhh if only I could keep this up your whole life, lift you in the sky and place you in the crook of this tree. For now I will just feel joy in the fact that I have this side by side comparison. I love it.


As I anticipated last month you have now officially dropped your nap. It got to a point when you would just spend that hour quietly in your room and read. As a glass half full side at least now you have more time for therapy and I don’t have to juggle your schedule around yet another hurdle.

Speaking of schedules you, and therefore I, are getting QUITE busy. In fact we are getting crazy busy. We are seeing all these specialists. I can see how hard it is on you, and it is hard on me too. I hate tearing apart everything that you do, I hate that we are indoors talking to doctors instead of exploring LALA land in the sunshine. So much has been going on and although I am trying not to start too much too fast I can see by the end of the day you are just as done as I am. You are also still adjusting to your baby sister, to traveling and not being in your own home, to people living in our house helping with the baby (my parents, daddy’s parents, Ms. Tiny and now Ms. Pool Shark and her daughter), the fact that you are no longer napping, and of course all the therapies. We are continuing with speech therapy and have also started JASPER, floortime, Brite Kids Preschool and next week we are adding OT. I am so hopefully that all this help, from people who know how to teach you best, will get you to where you need to be. I sit in on all the sessions and there are little breakthroughs all the time. For instance in floortime this week the therapist was fake crying, acting upset while playing with the trains with you, and you stopped, gave her a look, and then went over and gave her a hug. Showing empathy baby, I teared up.





Your speech therapy has been going fantastic. Since she has gotten you to mimic two months ago you have just SHOT up in the amount of language you are using a day. You use lots (for you anyways) spontaneous words. You are mostly gaining a new word every few days. With the mimicking (echolalia) and the jabbering (talking to everything and yourself) and the repeating of songs (or at the very least jargon with the rhythm of the song), the therapist and I are hopeful that you won’t have any issues with catching up to your peers. Hurrah!!!

wait for me
follow me



As another positive, through the advice and encouragement of your JASPER team we have been working so hard on the use of your gestures. You do point to request and point to share attention (a point with a ‘see’ to show me something), you wave hi and bye bye, you give high fives, but most exciting is that this month you started to hold your hand up and say ‘wait for me’ and give a beckoning gesture as you say ‘follow me’. You also do have joint attention but again the level of how you use it is delayed. By working on increasing all of these things we are aiming at increasing your nonverbal ways of communicating which is almost as important as your verbal communication at this age.


With this crazy therapy schedule I have to try even harder to make sure you have chunks of time to yourself. Mostly we go to the park and I place very little demands on you. As another added bonus of the therapy I can tell that you are already responding to your name more, you are holding my hand better while we are out, you are listening more, your eye contact is better. I know that this therapy sucks; I know that we are too busy in my mind, but DAMN I am so excited to see how you are growing with all this help.






As something a little more ‘normal’ we go to the mall often to play at their play place and we always pass by this little tot hair cut place. Up until now I got your hair cut with my stylist, but this month I decided to see how you would do riding in a car and watching cartoons while the hair stylist cut your hair. Although you didn’t love the buzzer you did great and I just love how it turned out. A little longer on the top and short around the sides and back. Ahh my Little Cricket, was there EVER a cuter little boy than you!



I started hiding from you when we are out. Not anything crazy but when we are walking or when you are playing I pop behind a tree and watch you. What I am trying to do is to have you check in with me more, something that I feel you don’t do often enough. And I think that it is working, you are FINALLY starting to recognize when I am gone and start looking for me. At the park I have also been pointing over and over at the squirrel and sharing it with you. I have been doing it for two months. I only point out squirrels trying to teach you to share with me. You now love squirrels and after three weeks you started pointing them out to me. We have now moved onto dogs, which are everywhere at that park, and little things on the ground that are interesting.




As if we aren’t doing enough with all of this I also made some flash cards this week. I was hoping to get you working on generalizing photos more, something that we have been working on in your books. I figured maybe every day for one of your meals in your high chair that we could work on them. I wasn’t expecting much but I was hoping that it would help. Four days later you knew every single card. It makes me SO HAPPY and with how quickly you learn it shows just how smart that you are. We also started sitting you on the potty this month, nothing big, nothing demanding, just sitting you on it in the morning when you first wake up and then again at night right before bath time. You still aren’t telling me when you have a soiled diaper, so we aren’t anywhere near you knowing and being able to communicate to me that you have to go to the restroom, however early exposure I think will make it much easier later on when you ARE ready to potty train.





For the months of November and December we were working on your letters, on your numbers, your colors and your pictures. When we spoke to one of the doctors she said to stop working on letters and numbers (symbols that she was sure you wouldn’t have any problem with learning later) instead she wanted me to focus on pictures and colors (things that are more abstract and that would in her mind be harder for you to comprehend). So imagine my surprise when two weeks ago, after our last letter lesson was months ago, I heard you in your closet playing and rattling off all your letters. I immediately grabbed my phone and recorded. You were able to identify all your letters. You are so smart buddy. We GOT THIS!

With all this exposure to other kids and being cooped up inside so much you caught a big bug this month. You woke up crying one night (which never happens). I tried to put you back to bed but you just laid at my feet whimpering. My poor little baby. You were pale and lethargic until you finally got sick. After that you were feeling a bit better and you snuggled into bed with us. NO therapy that day, and lots of cartoons… even a quick nap. And then it came as fast as it left.


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