Monday, February 29, 2016

My Little Rose: My Little Rose: 7 Months Old (31 Weeks)

Hello my Little Rose. You are an angel and I just adore every minute of being your mama. I got some things out of storage, including the bouncer and you are loving it. My Little Cricket liked it but you just ADORE this thing.


I also got the bath bumper out of storage as well. You no longer fit in the infant tub. Even though you arent quite sitting up well enough its time. So now I am bathing both you and your brother together. Although it is easier in the fact that you are now both getting your bath at the same time it is hard now juggling both bath and bedtime with you two together alone. We are working it out and I know we will get a good routine eventually. For now both you and your brother are loving your new bath playmate.



You are also getting too long for the pack and play diaper changer that we have been using downstairs for naps and to change your diapers. You are getting a little big for the bouncer but we are still rocking that as well. SIGH. You are getting so big so fast… where is my tiny baby!!!





You are now finally rolling over much better onto your tummy and then back onto your back again. I still had you in the nook in your crib but one morning I came into the room and you had shimmied down. I knew it was time to get the makeshift bed back to a normal flat crib mattress again. I put the breathable mesh over the bars so you wouldn’t get your legs and arms stuck. Unfortunately for me I am not sleeping again. I put you down in your crib and you immediately flipped onto your belly and fell asleep. No matter how many times I flipped you onto your back you flip right back onto your belly. I had to give up the fight but you love to press your face into the mattress. I am terrified of SIDs so I was in your room all week.







Lastly I took you to get your immunizations and within hours you started to develop this dark mark. I thought it was some bruising and that it would go away but it’s been weeks and it is still there. I really really hope that this isn’t going to be permanent.


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