Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: WRC Autism Screening

Today was the first of three appointments with one of the Westside Regional Center’s (WRC) psychologists. Ms. Pool Shark was still in town and came with me to the appointment and let me tell you I was VERY pleasantly surprised. With a government funded free program I have come across some very sub par therapists. I didn’t have my hopes up that we would get a very good psychologist but I adored her. She seemed intelligent, capable and that she would be a good person to assess my son. In essence I felt like I was going to be able to use her assessment as the tipping point between the ASD diagnosis we received from the CAN Clinic and the developmentally delayed diagnosis we received from the private pay psychologist. The psychologist listened to my arguments for and against the various diagnoses. She stated what I have heard from many people, that the UCLA CAN Clinic tends to over diagnoses kids and that the psychologist I saw tends to under-diagnoses kids on the spectrum.

Unfortunately I don’t think My Little Cricket did very well during the analysis. He wouldn’t sit at the table, he didn’t want to work on the puzzles or tests the doctor had, instead he wanted to chill out in the corner and watch people walk by through the glass windows.

Instead of trying to engage him when he obviously didn’t want to engage the doctor spent most of the session asking me a mountain of questions. I am going hoarse from talking to all these doctors and answering the same questions over and over and over again. I have actually learned to stop talking in these meetings and instead focus on answering the question asked.

At the end of the meeting we scheduled two other sessions. One a shadowing session at my Little Crickets preschool where she could watch him interacting with people and peers in an environment he was comfortable in. And another assessment session early next month. It will be nice to finally know with as much certainty as we can what we are dealing with.

I feel so beat down, this is all such an exhausting process.

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