Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: PT Consultation & Genetics Blood Draw

Later today Ms. Pool Shark arrives and so I was scrambling to get some things finished before she arrived. One of those things was to get my Little Crickets blood drawn for the two genetic tests that got approved by our insurance. We woke up early and left to get this out of the way as soon as possible. I was not looking forward to this appointment. The last time my Little Cricket got his blood drawn was a nightmare. However I told myself that this time at least we were getting his blood drawn AT the Los Angeles Children’s hospital and not some random phlebotomy clinic. The Children’s hospital only deal with children, they surely would be able to draw my sons blood with less pain and stabbing.

Oh how wrong I was.




My son has deep thin veins and getting his blood drawn sucks no matter what they do. After poking him 10 times, and working with two different technicians, and after a mountain of my sons tears and my own they finally got enough blood for the tests. I never wanted to punch someone as much as I wanted to punch them. After they were through I asked them to leave the room. It took me over 15 minutes to calm my Little Cricket down. This will not be his last blood draw.

On the way home the physical therapist called. We were scheduled for a consultation through the Regional Center next week, but she had a cancelation, she could be at my house in an hour and a half. I took it. I figured squeezing it in now rather than taking up time when my friend was here was better. She came in like a whirl wind, her tests were short and quick. In the end she is recommending PT to my Little Cricket only to get him to jump. All other levels are normal. Since the therapy would be through the regional center we had two months to get my son to jump and she thought that was going to be more than enough time.

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