Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Occupational Therapy the Assessment

The assessment was broken up into two hour long sessions. The first half was done two weeks ago and the second half today. I left my Little Rose with Ms. Pool Shark so I could focus on the assessment.


Bottom line is that My Little Cricket couldn’t focus, he wouldn’t follow directions, he had poor eye contact and had poor social interaction. The occupational therapists assistant was out of breath and sweating by the end of the session. She was exhausted after chasing my son for a full hour. My Little Cricket is so dysregulated, his system is so washed over and overstimulated that he isn’t able to focus on anything. Instead he flits from task to task with every thing of interest pulling him in a different direction without regard for what anyone else is trying to do.

And now I am crying in the gym. With every assessment, with every new specialist they find something wrong that needs therapy. I feel so overwhelmed focusing on all this.

The bad news is that he needs intense Occupational Therapy. Most OT’s suggest a maximum of two sessions a week. This therapist has 27 years’ experience and I trust her judgement. She said that with a child like my Little Cricket he isn’t going to be able to do well in any of his other therapies until he is able to focus. And he cannot focus until we get his vestibular system regulated.

With that statement everything made so much sense. My son isnt talking well, isnt looking at me as often as he should, isnt answering to his name half the time because he is constantly flooded with sensory overstimulation. Her recommendation, if we can afford it financially and fit it in our schedule, is occupational therapy four to five times a week for at least three months. That if we focus on intensive treatment early other therapies will vastly benefit. And that if we only do two sessions a week it will take much much longer to get him to where he needs to be.

I went home and thought about it. What she is suggesting make sense to me. Adding in four sessions of OT a week is going to be difficult scheduling wise but I am hoping that by giving him this jumpstart, by helping him to regulate his body, by helping him organize his sensory issues we can get him to a much calmer state of mind.

And we just added four more hours of therapy to our busy schedule.

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