Friday, February 26, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Mommy and Me 3: Environmental Arrangement

This week my Little Cricket has pink eye. Since it is highly contagious he had to stay home with a sitter while I went to JASPER without him. Sadly he is missing his JASPER session but I at least can learn more about today’s topic. We talked about environmental arrangement. That when doing JASPER it is important to keep the toys you have selected organized and in a general clean order. You want to select toys that are a little below, at and above the child’s play level. You want to minimize clutter that can distract. The idea is to keep the toys close; the therapist should face the child at their level. Some kids on the spectrum do really well by creating a defined space to play by using a mat or a table. When selecting toys you want two or three choices within easy reach of the child. If you see your kid get stuck on a toy, or if a toy becomes too interesting and more of a hindrance in creating joint attention; If they aren’t open to you engaging with the toy or interrupting their play then you should remove it. It is a therapist’s job to act as a guide but also to follow a child. The director put it like creating a bridge. You need to create a clear path without confusion. A bridge without structure, without sides, can allow people to fall off. Put sides on the bridge and there is a clear enter and exit to get from point A to point B.

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