Friday, February 19, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Mommy and Me 2: Engagement

This week after our initial circle time we broke off into separate rooms to work with our coaches. Our coach, Ms. M, has been working with us for a month and I feel like she has a good grasp of my son. We talked today how as the adult you get choose the toy choice and environment. The child leads the interaction with the toys. We talked about staying at their play and language level but when the child is engaged to try and push for a higher level. We talked about turn taking and how to stop escape behavior. My Little Cricket likes to get up and walk away from playing when he is disengaged. Thankfully my Little Cricket has great play skills, he has some symbolic play and it is our focus to improve on that skill.


The second half of group the moms sat in on our meeting. Ms. Pool Shark joined us today at JASPER and it was lovely to have support in the room learning right beside me. Today we talked about the various states of engaging a child. Coming from an art background (I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation and Multimedia) I found the subject material fascinating and OH SO HELPFUL. In college the only psychology class I took was PSYC 101, a general introduction to psychology. So I found this information invaluable.

We talked about the various engagement states.
- Un-engaged (child just wandering around)
- On looking (child watching someone else do something)
- Person/Object (playing peek a boo with a person or playing alone with a single toy)
- Supported Joint (the adult leads play but the child interacts)
- Coordinated Joint (the child leads play and the adult interacts)

The idea is that a child can be in various states at different times in a session but the goal is to get them increase the child’s initiations and maintenance of joint engaged state.

After our session I stayed afterwards and talked to the director about possibly adding some private JASPER sessions in at my home. She seemed open to it and is going to speak to our therapist about possibly finding time in our schedules. I will be SO FRIGGIN EXCITED to get more JASPER therapy.

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