Friday, February 12, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Mommy and Me 1: Intro to JASPER

Today was our first JASPER Mommy and Me class and I couldn’t be more excited to start this 10 week program. The class is broken up into three parts.
1. Open Circle Time - with songs to greet the moms and children in
2. Breakout sessions with your Jasper coach
3. Parent Education – PowerPoint presentation on a particular subject

We sang songs during open circle time. My Little Cricket had trouble sitting still, however this was the first circle time that I wasn’t embarrassed to be part of because none of our kids could sit well. Out of the four kids in the class only two of us had be introduced to JASPER before this class. We have been here for a month and another mom with a child just a month and a half older than my Little Cricket (who is also recently diagnosed with Autism) also has been here for a week.

I was happy to see that all four kids in this group seem to have similar skills. I was excited to learn more about the program and how to handle various challenges. After circle time the therapists broke off with their kids and did a starting assessment. We will be able to compare this assessment with the assessment that they will do the last week of class to see how far the kids have come.



After the assessment the kids sat down to a snack and a JASPER session with their therapists while the moms entered the board room for a presentation. Today was an overview of JASPER; the schedule, what we cover, what parents will learn, and what the children will learn. We talked about early developmental skills, core ASD challenges, and how to target core challenges.

I only wish we had more time to ask questions. Three of us are moms of newly diagnosed children and the mountain of things to learn and emotions we are weeding through is thick.

At the end of the session we were given target goals for our individual children. My Little Cricket’s goals are:

1. PLAY – Physical Combination and Doll as Agent
2. LANGUAGE – 1 to 2 words used spontaneously
3. JOINT ATTENTION/ REQUESTING – Requesting: Point to request with eye contact – Joint Attention: Gives to share
4. ENGAGEMENT- Increase his time in supported joint engagement state

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