Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: Home JASPER Sessions Begin

Have you ever been thrown into a cockpit of a burning crashing plane full of your most favorite treasured friends and family and told that it was up to you to save everyone. That is how I have been feeling every single moment for the past few months. Right now the pressure is so strong and the fear is so intense I sometimes don’t want to get out of bed.

I think one of the most terrifying things to hear when my son was first diagnosed, and as we continue to flail around in not being sure exactly with what we are dealing with, is that I was going to be the one who would know what is best for my son. Me, with an art degree, would be navigating my sons treatment plan. That I, with no background in child development would be the best person to decide what therapies would be best to help my son.

I was terrified of making decisions that seemed way over my head. Now two months in, and a wealth of conversations and research later I am finding my footing. I am learning to trust with my heart and my gut what feels right for my son and what feels wrong. I am even starting to really believe that all these crazy professionals are right. I am the best person to decide because I know my Little Cricket best.

And you know what, taking charge, it is making me feel less helpless. The more I learn, the more I work with quality skilled people, the more I understand what my sons weaknesses and strengths are the more powerful I feel. As the pieces of the puzzle of my Little Crickets therapy start fitting into place I feel less stressed, less crazy and less out of control.

The more empowered I feel, the better our future looks. I can drive this FREAKING SHIP.

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