Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bye-bye Ms. Pool Shark

She has been a godsend through all of this delay stuff with My Little Cricket. A GODSEND. Not only was she the one that validated my concerns and told me that I had to get My Little Cricket tested (which lit a fire under my butt to do everything and anything I could do) she also spent so much time this visit pouring over reports, seeing the different programs I was doing and offered her advice. She is as beautiful as she is inside as she is outside. We were chatting, and she was resting on the couch. And the light that was streaming through, well I ran and got my camera. Not the professional shots that we wanted to take maybe but at least we took some pregnancy photos of her.

I love her. I am always happier when she is here. And I always cry when she has to go back home.






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