Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bye-bye (for a few days) to Ms. Pool Shark, and Back with my Parents

I don’t know WHY I do this to myself. Ms. Pool Shark and I planned a visit while my parents are in town. Why oh why must I put so much on my plate at one time. On one hand I love the beautiful chaos. On the other hand NO WONDER I am so tired all the time. Ms. Pool Shark took my car and popped over to Vegas to meet her man. And so I had the weekend free. And of course instead of leaving it empty to you know REST, I decided to fill it up. Sometimes being an overachieving perfectionist is hard. On the plus side at least I got in a quick nap today. My mom and dad came over for a little R&R at the house. We played with the kids, we caught up on fun stuff we did over the past few days, Mr. Rogue cooked some yummy lamb for dinner and we just had a lazy day. My parents are pretty young still and they just LOVE little kids. I really wish they lived closer, it was a complete joy to see them loving on their grand kids.








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