Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Month in Moments: My Little Cricket 31 months old (2 years 8 months)

We got baffling news this week from two different respected specialists. One stated that you are autistic and the other said that you were defiantly not autistic but delayed. I have dragged you to so many specialists’ appointments, to draw blood, to do tests, to interview schools and therapists. I have asked everyone their opinion and everyone isn’t agreeing at all. I am confused what is going on and I am trying to decide how to get you treatment for something we aren’t sure about yet. But I do know one thing buddy; mommy will have a plan soon. My number one goal is to make sure you have the tools you need to become your best self. You are my sunshine and you will shine BRIGHTLY!



I have been watching even more closely than I was, if it is even possible. I am really trying to figure out how your brain is working and how you are processing information. I am trying to understand why you do things and how to help you more. What I have always known is that you are crazy smart. I usually only have to show you how to do something once and you can do it on your own, sometimes weeks later. Your ability to remember direction, how to get somewhere, where to go is also so spot on. You analyze everything; you want to know how it works and why. You tear it apart only to put it all back together again. You put together things complex for your age like puzzles with ease. I love to see you get excited when you figure something complicated out. One of the doctors asked in the first five minutes of seeing you if my husband or I were engineers, because you are so analytical. You also respond awesome to music. Rhythm, rhyme, songs are a way that I think would be super helpful to help you with language. Maybe a music class in the future would be something we should do.



You are doing so well with your speech therapy. Your language is continuing to sky rocket in fact it is moving so fast that I no longer am keeping a list of the words you know, there are just too many. It is crazy how much you are mimicking and talking compared to two months ago. This month you started singing your ABC’s, counting to 10, singing songs along with me (even if you don’t know all the words) and talking to everything; the toys, the tv, me, the ipad.


Speaking of the ipad you are getting wickedly good at those games. We only allow you the ipad when we travel. Which means you don’t get it often. The ipad saves us when we are traveling, and you had it often in your hands while we were on our Christmas trip. I would say in about 20% of the photos you had some type of technology engaging your interest. I swear you got so good with letters from two of the letter games I downloaded.









Christmas was super fun. You loved spending time with the family especially all your cousins. And of course you LOVED all your new toys but boy oh boy did you ADORE your new train set. You played it for hours every single day. I was a little worried sleeping with you on the trip but again you did amazing. You loved sleeping in the big bed with mommy and daddy. Although we got quite a few feet in the ribs, in our face (you are a little bit of a bed hog) you slept well. You also did awesome with the fact that we were in three separate non-baby proofed homes during our trip. A year ago, six months ago even it would have been very difficult. But you did so well.










You have also started asking spontaneously for me to help you. As in I am across the room, you are struggling with something you look over at me and say ‘help me’. The first time you asked I cried. Finally, finally, finally it is working, language is clicking and I was so excited for you. Other words are coming out more spontaneously, without verbal prompting from us, as well. Every morning I walk into your room and you greet me with a huge smile and a hi. You say hi to daddy when he comes home from work and you also started spontaneously saying bye and waving to people leaving more often. The only name you use is baby for your sister and daddy for your dad, you still will only say mama repeated after me. I can’t wait for the day you actually CALL for me ‘mama’ without prompting.



You made another huge leap this month. I finally, finally FINALLY got you pointing to photos consistently in a book. Something that you wouldn’t even think about doing a month ago you are now doing with ease. I picked two books to start with. One is your Bear on a Bike book and worked with you daily to point out the bear, the boy and the dog. The other was the Little Blue Truck book and worked with you daily to point out the truck, the cow, the frog and the bird. And you are finally doing it, consistently, in any order on any page. Since you have had such a hard time with images it was a huge success and a great first step



I continue to worry about your eating and how skinny you are. In fact I was so worried that, per our developmental pediatrician’s advice, I went to a pediatric nutritionist. She gave me a few pointers that we are now trying to incorporate. We switched you off of pedisure and onto an organic protein shake. I started baking with some Whey powder. And I am adding in a fish oil supplement to some juice once a day. I introduced a bunch of healthier breakfast muffins (With the protein powder) since I am trying to expand your breakfast menu. You are loving the carrot and the banana ones. I have found that if you help me prepare the food you are more likely to eat it, so we often make your lunch and dinner together. In particular you love making your own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Another tool I use to get you to eat is letting you feed me. Something about you spooning forkfuls of green beans into my mouth and me saying ‘mmmmmmmmm, good’ makes you laugh. Whatever it takes kid, I will do whatever it takes!








You are still obsessed with your binkie. I tried to take it away one night but then you refused to sleep. You simply kept wandering around the room looking for your binkie, and then coming to the door and calling for me to help you. I don’t have it in me to take it away from you, something you love so much, just because society thinks it’s time. Keep your binkie buddy, its not like you will be going off to college with it. I am sure in your own time you will tell me when you are ready to let it go.





I am in denial, but I think you are getting ready to drop your nap. During our 2 week Thanksgiving trip and this two and a half week Christmas trip you didn’t take a nap for a good majority of days we were gone. Ever since we got home your naps are hit or miss. Some days you take one no problem, but then other days it takes you an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep, which means you wake from your nap late, which means despite the fact that I put you to bed at 7:30, your normal bedtime, you are going to sleep at 10 or 11. You are great. You turn on your light; you read books or usually just chill out while I watch you on the monitor begging you to stop. It’s happening. You are dropping your nap. And I am sooooo not READY. I wanna cry.

You also have decided you don’t want to sleep in the dark anymore. We have a star system night light that was working for you for a while but a couple of days ago you started turning on the light when I leave the room after I put you to bed. I am not really sure why but for now you don’t like to be in the dark.




You are getting super independent. You want to dress yourself. You want to brush your own teeth. You want to make your food and help with your shoes and open the doors. Last week I went upstairs to put your sister down for her nap. I was gone for two minutes. When I came back down you had a piece of half eaten cheese in your hand. Apparently you can now open the fridge, and get what you want (or what you can reach) out all by yourself.






We are still on two waiting lists to start Occupational Therapy, but I may have to call around to find someone who can accept us sooner. Your sensory issues seem to have escalated in the past month. In addition to liking toys to lay on you sometimes you have now also started dumping baskets of toys on your face. It’s the strangest thing, and I don’t know where you learned it from, but you are defiantly seeking some stimulation and OT will be able to give you what you need.



You are so helpful, getting the mail and pushing the stroller. I love that you are always there my constant faithful little companion.




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