Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nerdy Birdy: Chasing/Owling with Owlbait

Last night Owlbait (my lovely nerdy birdy friends who specialize in owling) called. Apparently there was a spotted owl seen two weeks ago, and they were going to go see if they could find it. Of course I was interested, and in desperate need of a distraction from all the crushing information and stress of what’s going on with my Little Cricket. We were out there for 3 hours, playing calls, looking for signs of this owl. But none of us found it. It happens like that sometimes, especially when trying to find a rare bird.





I think the Owlbait’s felt a little bad for me not seeing an owl, so they decided to take me the very next night to show me the barred owl that they had found the week before. We met at the Hill Street CafĂ© at the base of the 1 highway into the mountains. We had yummy food, we gassed up and then we drove the two hours winding up into the San Gabriel Mountains. It was a school night so we didn’t stop at a ton of locations. We got to the barred owl spot and sure enough after only a few minutes of playing the calls this cutie showed up. AHHHHHH such a beautiful bird, and such a great close look.





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