Monday, February 8, 2016

My Little Rose: 28 Weeks Old

You do the yoga cobra pose like a rockstar but you still aren’t sitting properly. Sure you are tripoding if I put you in that position but you don’t last sitting up for more than a few seconds before toppling back over. You seem uninterested in getting up into a sitting position and you seem uninterested in crawling. I am trying not to worry about it. I know that babies hit their milestones in their own time. However since we now know your brother’s delays are because he has ASD, and because it can run in families, then I am even more hyper-sensitive about any deviations to typical development with you.











You are so funny. Sometimes you are super serious. You are checking out the camera with such concentration on your face that the photos come off with you almost scowling. I have to work hard to blow air in your face, make silly noises, make funny faces at you and when all else fails tickling you always brings on a smile. I do my best and some of these came out super smile worthy.











This week I decided to start solids. I waited a little longer than the six month mark because you weren’t sitting up well. However now you are sitting up better (with support) and have more head control so I decided to start this week. Besides with the high chair and the straps as supports you are doing ok. You spit out way more than you actually ate but as a first step it went pretty well. With more time and practice you will learn to eat better. And since your main source of nutrition is supposed to be milk now anyways then that is all we are working on right now, practice, practice practice. With your brother I hand made all his food but with everything going on right now that simply isnt possible now. You are getting purees from a pouch and I am trying to talk myself out of the guilt that I feel. Hopefully I can make food when I can and then when things settle down pull back from using the pouches.


Daddy found you the perfect spot to keep you entertained, and to keep you in a small contained area while he cleaned up toys. He simply put you in the baby pool with a few of the balls I had put in there for your brother to play with. Why not. You get to chase the balls around and around and they couldn’t get away from you and roll off. You loved it.


You have a spot on your leg exactly where you got your vaccinations (Vacines were HIB ( Haemophilus Influenza- Bacteria ) and Prevnar ( Pneumococcal )) and I am totally confused. It looks like a birth mark but I know for a fact it wasn’t there two weeks ago. I hope it is just a deep bruise under your skin or some kind of pigmentation that will fade. I hope it goes away soon.

You have had several small colds but you still have yet to have a fever. We have managed to avoid giving you any kind of medicine yet which I am happy about. You are a beautiful healthy baby girl. All a mom can ask for!




You are getting so big so fast. We moved you into size 3 diapers this week. Soon you will be in size 4, the same that your brother is in… mind = blown!



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