Monday, January 18, 2016

My Little Rose: 25 Weeks Old

You have reached another milestone. You are now flipping onto your belly like a pro all the time. I put you down on your back and you immediately flip onto your stomach. The problem is that you haven’t mastered getting on your back. This is a suck three weeks or so. You flip, you get stuck and get pissed and then I flip you back to your back. It is a vicious cycle that just doesn’t get broken until you learn to flip back on your own. From experience I know that this repetitive craziness will end, and I am working with you to teach you how to get back onto your back. Please learn quickly.



In good news you have officially mastered the art of holding your own bottle and it has opened up so much freedom for me. I am not going to lie having two kids is so friggin hard. I still like to hold you and cuddle you and feed you often but having the freedom to allow you to feed yourself every so often is such a wonderful luxury. We also switched you to a larger bottle and a higher flow nipple. Since you are starting to finish your five ounce bottles it is obvious you need more.


You are starting to get awfully squirmy during diaper and clothing changes always trying to get away to play or to flip over on your stomach. You have also started to be a little more demanding. You started thumping your feet, lifting them in the air and then slamming them back down on the changing table or the crib mattress. Good thing you are so deliciously adorable!


Daddy isnt home as often as he would like. Which results you both only wanting daddy when he is home. It is not uncommon to see you in his arms and then your brother tugging to be carried too. Or better yet both of you in his arms happy and content.



I put you in your bouncy seat often while I am cooking. I talk to you and you coo right back at me. I see you tracking me across the room watching me as I move around. You are my little cooking sidekick and I just adore your sweet face.




Every night I rock you in the chair, lights down low, feeding you your bottle. And then rocking you some more until you are almost asleep. I sing softly to you ‘Moon River’. It is my most favorite part of the day. In my head I sound exactly like this



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