Friday, January 29, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: The School and Schedule

I am emotional and physically drained. But no one has time to rest right now. I have more phone calls to make, more things to fight and research, more appointment and tours to do. I am exhausted and yet I keep working hard to get the best for my boy.


Today was our intake meeting at Brite Kids, a special clinic based preschool for delayed children that I found through the Westside Regional Center. I had such a hard time deciding what to do about school for my Little Cricket. I didn’t even want to send him to school at all until he was 4, I was even thinking for a minute of homeschooling. However every single therapist, specialist and doctor I speak too all say the same thing, to get my Little Cricket into school as soon as possible. I desperately wanted my Little Cricket to go to Branches, an amazing Reggio Emilia school, but after going for several months to their toddler class I realized that it wasn’t the right place for my son. In November I found a different preschool that I thought would be perfect for my Little Cricket, however when my Little Cricket and I visited for our three meet and greet hour long sessions I realized that this school too wouldn’t be the right fit for my son at this moment either.

My mind shy’s away sending my son to a ‘special’ preschool. But I have come to the conclusion that I need to do what is best for him. So today we went for an intake meeting at Brite Kids. I would get my son assessed, find out more about the school, and see if we both thought it would be a good fit for him.

The assessment took an hour and I was so happy that my son tested well. They have 8 rooms at the school, and the child’s skill level puts them in a particular room. My Little Cricket tested into their final and last room before graduation out of the program, it was called the Rainbow Room. The director was vacillating between putting my Little Cricket in the last room or the room before it, the Blue Room. The Blue room only had 3 other children, and parents were allowed to attend with their children. It was smaller and the thought was he could get used to the school, the teachers and the routine in a smaller setting. The Rainbow Room on the other hand has 8 other children, is more of a preschool setting with more expectations put on the children and where parents are discouraged from staying. The director and I discussed the pros and cons of both situations and in the end decided to start with the Blue Room. It would be easy after all to move him up to the Rainbow Room once he was ready.

The directors at this school are amazing people. They really spent a ton of time with me answering questions, showing us how my Little Crickets day would work and handholding me though the whole process. With a newly diagnosed child and with so many hard confusing decisions about my sons care to be made, it is exactly what I need right now.

My Little Crickets schedule is sure getting full. With floor time, speech and JASPER started, and with OT, Clinic Based Preschool, and JASPER Mommy and Me to start soon we are getting to be very busy little bees. Starting all of this is both terrifying and exciting.


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