Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Little Cricket’s Delay: JASPER Therapy Update

We are on week two of coming to UCLA for JASPER intervention. Most of it has been amazing but some of it has been incredibly hard. My Little Cricket hasn’t had any formal type of therapy. And so to help him better attend to tasks, and to learn how to take direction from others and to learn about follow-through the director felt that My Little Cricket needed a little ABA, DDT therapy. This is the second time they did a short ABA session before starting JASPER. It is so strict and not at all following my parenting philosophy, and it was terrible to just sit there and watch as he struggled. He cried so hard and tried to escape multiple times but the therapists persisted. It was so hard to sit on the other side of that double sided glass watching. However as hard as it is to see him struggling and fighting I can also see the wonderful improvements. After only a few sessions My Little Cricket is now sitting better and helping with cleanup. Two little things but two steps in the right direction.

Often I am sitting in observation rooms while the therapists work with my Little Cricket. Sometimes he is in a room alone with his therapist and sometimes he is with a small group of other children getting therapy. I am learning so much by watching. And I am making sure to soak up the various therapies and techniques they use. This is my new world. This is what I need to learn to help my boy. And of course while I am focusing and paying attention and learning through the session I have my mini me sidekick. My Little Rose keeps me company.




Aside from getting amazing cutting edge therapy at the UCLA JASPER Clinic for my Little Cricket, I am also getting access to a whole pool of people who have spent years studying and working with Autistic children; minds and advice that I so desperately need right now. I need as much knowledge as I can soak up, and there are only so many articles I can read online before my eyes cross. These people will be my starting place, and I couldn’t ask for better guides. I am still trying to build what therapies my son needs and who I should try to get to administer those types of therapies. Everyone says to trust my gut, and I wish I could, I just don’t know enough, and I feel like I need to get up to speed as soon as possible.

Right now I am looking for an amazing ABA person, someone who will work in a more floor time naturalistic approach. It was recommended I contact an ABA therapist that works with the baby JASPER class and who they think will be a good fit for My Little Cricket. I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully add ABA into our growing list of therapies.

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